Boiler Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Who Provides The Insurance?

The Lessee provides full General Liability and Property Loss protection for the equipment. Contact your insurance carrier who can arrange for this coverage if not already in place.

Who Pays The Freight?

Freight is the Lessees’ financial responsibility. The Lessee pays the shipping charge from the storage location to the customer’s site and the return to the storage location. CBS&S will arrange for transport.

Who Pays For The Loading And Unloading?

The Lessee is responsible for these charges. CBS&S will arrange and invoice Lessee for loading and unloading at the storage location. Lessee must arrange and pay for the unloading and reloading at the destination. Any crane charges are considered loading or unloading charges.

Who Provides The Set-Up, Assembly And Disassembly?

The Lessee is responsible for blocking and leveling the equipment, assembly of components, piping and electrical connections before startup, and disconnections, disassembly, and preparing for transport before return shipping. CBS&S can provide these services for an additional charge.

Who Provides The Fan?

The boiler is supplied with a combustion air fan. Boilers larger than 75,000 PPH may have fans requiring foundations. See drawings and specifications for the specific boiler.

Who Provides Flue Gas Outlet Stack?

Stub stacks are provided for all boilers. Local building or emissions codes may require different stacks.

What About Fuel And Power?

Lessee supplies all utilities as required for proper operation of the equipment. See the drawings and specifications for details.

Who Provides The Oil Pump?

Pumps for the transfer and circulation of fuel oil from fuel oil storage tanks to our boilers are not supplied by CBS&S. Atomizing pumps, if required for the burner, are included with the burner.

What About Oil Tanks?

The Lessee provides the fuel oil storage and transfer equipment. A local fuel oil company can usually supply the necessary equipment.

Who Supplies The Main Gas Pressure Regulator?

The Lessee provides regulated gas pressure to the gas supply connection. See the unit specification sheet for the required pressure.

What About Feedwater Treatment?

The Lessee is responsible for providing feedwater to the equipment meeting the requirements of the equipment. See the drawings and specifications for details. The Lessee provides the supplies and chemicals for water treatment. CBS&S recommends using competent water treatment personnel to administer and monitor a water quality program. Removal of all scale and residue that develops during operation is the responsibility of Lessee.

Who Is Responsible For Permits?

The Lessee is responsible for obtaining and maintaining operating permits required by the jurisdiction(s).

Who Provides Start-Up Service?

Startup services will be provided by CBS&S, or authorized designee, at an additional charge.

How Should Boilers Be Operated?

Only competent personnel should operate equipment and in accordance with the Lessor’s Instruction Manual and jurisdictional Codes. Any event or damage, other than normal wear and tear, is the responsibility of the Lessee.

Who Provides Freeze Protection?

The Lessee is responsible for protecting the equipment from damage due to inclement weather. Contact CBS&S for additional information about protecting equipment from freezing conditions.

How Is Equipment Prepared For Return Shipment?

The Lessee is responsible for opening, washing out (where applicable) and inspecting the equipment. At completion of the rental, a competent inspector must complete an Inspection Report and forward to CBS&S.



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